Command line tool to archive your Mastodon toots to DayOne
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Journal your toots to DayOne

Take all your toots and make a DayOne journal entry.

This saves the last seen toot id so subsequent runs will only show all the toots since then. If you miss a day of running this it, it will backfill up to the pagination limit.


  1. Ensure you have at least Python 3.6 on your mac
    • homebrew makes this easy with brew install python
  2. Install the DayOne Command Line Interface
  3. Install tootlogger with pip3 install tootlogger


You will need to manually generate your access token and create a config file

  1. Log into your mastodon instance
  2. go to /settings/applications and create the new app
    • Read permissions are fine
  3. Note down the access_token
  4. Repeat this for all accounts you want to log
  5. Create a config file like the example below (or in this repo) in one of two places
    1. $HOME/.tootlogger.toml
    2. tootlogger.toml in the local directory you run the command from

Config file

instance = ""
access_token = "really big string"
["cool account @"]
instance = ""
access_token = "different big string"


  1. run tootlogger to log all of your toots to DayOne