Rust Web server to draw cards from The Tarot of the Silicon Dawn
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Silicon Dawn

Archived Repo I am not longer maintaining this and switched to using

I made this so I can pull random cards on my phone and review the text.

I originally designed this for use in Pythonista but I rewrote it in rust to be a web app. If you want the original Python code it is burried in the git history.


Pythonista isn't the BEST experiance I found, so I wrote a web daemon you can compile it and run it wherever you want. Becasue everything is better as a web page (?question mark?)

  1. install rust
  2. rustup install nightly to install nightly builds (needed for Rocket)
  3. make to run the dev daemon
  4. Browse to http://localhost:3300 to enjoy your pick
  5. Refresh the page for a fresh pick

Or! if you are super lazy check out my hosted copy of this.