Rust Web server to draw cards from The Tarot of the Silicon Dawn
Nie możesz wybrać więcej, niż 25 tematów Tematy muszą się zaczynać od litery lub cyfry, mogą zawierać myślniki ('-') i mogą mieć do 35 znaków.
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Silicon Dawn

I made this so I can pull random cards on my phone and review the text.

I originally designed this for use in Pythonista but I rewrote it in rust to be a web app. If you want the original Python code it is burried in the git history.


Pythonista isn’t the BEST experiance I found, so I wrote a web daemon you can compile it and run it wherever you want. Becasue everything is better as a web page (?question mark?)

  1. install rust
  2. rustup install nightly to install nightly builds (needed for Rocket)
  3. make to run the dev daemon
  4. Browse to http://localhost:3300 to enjoy your pick
  5. Refresh the page for a fresh pick

Or! if you are super lazy check out my hosted copy of this.