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  Amelia A f354bcef37
Update Rand and other packages 4 days ago
  Amelia A 9dcceed456
Minor package updates 3 weeks ago
  Amelia A e9ad388008
Patch for robots 3 months ago
  Amelia A 5602f28080
No more dotenv 3 months ago
  Amelia A 683b5eb3d3
Add .env file support 4 months ago
  Amelia A 18da99087c
Fix Package name 6 months ago
  Amelia A 2cab8bc100
Switch to rocket 6 months ago
  Amelia A c9c28a6d3a
Declare it 2018 8 months ago
  Amelia A be1816ef88
Move to rand 0.6 8 months ago
  Amelia A 3bc35081c5
Use a template like a civilized beast 10 months ago
  Amelia A 4eb3a1c90d
A Rust webserver so I can pick cards web2.0 style 10 months ago