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  Amelia A a86fe8ce60
Archive notice 8 months ago
  Amelia A 64c947b839
Update cargo, profile call bin directly 9 months ago
  Amelia A d5249d7bad
Switch to new Cargo Format 11 months ago
  Amelia A 06c7d961df
Move running prod to a procfile 1 year ago
  Amelia A b8b9026434
Deps up 1 year ago
  Amelia A 7683f7b679
dep patches 1 year ago
  Amelia A f354bcef37
Update Rand and other packages 1 year ago
  Amelia A 9dcceed456
Minor package updates 1 year ago
  Amelia A ed2de6438d
Minor patches 1 year ago
  Amelia A 40dae05ff1
Use unzip flags over mv 1 year ago
  Amelia A 10461d397e
Move to rocket 4.1 1 year ago
  Amelia A 417e08e370
Update Deps 1 year ago
  Amelia A 234240e06d Fix misnamed variable 1 year ago
  Amelia A 314dec265c
Minor docs update 1 year ago
  Amelia A e9ad388008
Patch for robots 1 year ago
  Amelia A 9420c6d811
Add a robots.txt because why not 1 year ago
  Amelia A fe1fa99928 Merge branch 'nightly' of amy/silicon-dawn into master 1 year ago
  Amelia A 2d379709d6
Unneeded ignore 1 year ago
  Amelia A 5602f28080
No more dotenv 1 year ago
  Amelia A b468af3442
Note the need for nightly 1 year ago
  Amelia A 683b5eb3d3
Add .env file support 1 year ago
  Amelia A 6bbd2982e7
Cargo updates 1 year ago
  Amelia A 76a987d877
Updating cargos 1 year ago
  Amelia A 75f7e4023a
Update Cargo 2 years ago
  Amelia A da88992ebd
update makefile 2 years ago
  Amelia A 18da99087c
Fix Package name 2 years ago
  Amelia A 1a3ad1fa8c
Minor tweaks to whitespace 2 years ago
  Amelia A 78349c62bb
Drop the debug, rocket handles it 2 years ago
  Amelia A 5a4d3e1ccb
Cleaner docs 2 years ago
  Amelia A 2cab8bc100
Switch to rocket 2 years ago
  Amelia A 64217a1c31 Note the nightly version 2 years ago
  Amelia A 202407cfca
Remove sand home 2 years ago
  Amelia A 7570840f45
Drop the python, make the folder name less bad 2 years ago
  Amelia A 792e901bae
Crgo stuff 2 years ago
  Amelia A 7e934291bb
Bump deps 2 years ago
  Amelia A a1babf8d01
Just use the copyu ascii 2 years ago
  Amelia A a742bc4c04
Clean up bottom text 2 years ago
  Amelia A e326c75215
Update readme to mention my hosted copy 2 years ago
  Amelia A 015e4f2646
Patch updates 2 years ago
  Amelia A c9c28a6d3a
Declare it 2018 2 years ago
  Amelia A 30522db82a
use new macro use 2 years ago
  Amelia A be1816ef88
Move to rand 0.6 2 years ago
  Amelia A 1f8d9fdf3b
update things 2 years ago
  Amelia A 74fb974673
Now rustfmt! 2 years ago
  Amelia A 6fb2756135
Add the dummy 2 years ago
  Amelia A 2d33e56191
Calm down ya rage 2 years ago
  Amelia A 3bc35081c5
Use a template like a civilized beast 2 years ago
  Amelia A 5d45fedab9
Clean up return_card with if let 2 years ago
  Amelia A 3c5f04a399
A bit more logging even! 2 years ago
  Amelia A da3e0fe899
Better errors everywhere 2 years ago