Fusozay Var Var: A CLI tool for quick text template rendering
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fvv - Fusozay Var Var

A CLI tool for quick text template rendering

Fusozay Var Var means "have fun" It is a reference to something I see a lot

Fusozay Var Var is a CLI application for quickly rendering out text templates. I often write outfit and character descriptions that reuses a lot of elements. This allows me to DRY up my descriptions and still quickly get results.

Template requirements:

  • All the templates must be valid golang templates.
  • They must not require any variables to be passed in.
  • All templates must have the '.tmpl' extension. All other files ignored.
  • The template you want to render must be named definitions.


All errors go to stderr so you can pipe this to something like pbcopy

  1. Set up a quantity of templates
  2. run fvv <template definition> from directory containing template(s)