A mirror of my dotfiles on github
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Amelia A 661ed16746
Drop Vagrant
1 month ago
.aws Change my defaul reguon 2 years ago
.config Always expand tabs in markdown 1 month ago
.ssh no more hash 8 months ago
bin Drop Vagrant 1 month ago
.Brewfile Add yamllint into the defaults 1 month ago
.asdfrc Add asdfrc base config 2 years ago
.cobra.yaml Clean up files and lint 1 month ago
.default-gems Update file paths 10 months ago
.default-npm-packages Update asdf versions & add default packages 2 years ago
.default-python-packages Clean up files and lint 1 month ago
.direnvrc Not needed anymore, use .vimrc.local and `use vim` instead 9 months ago
.fdignore More ignore 2 years ago
.gemrc Add git cleanup & make dnpull use pwd 3 years ago
.gitconfig Alias checker to git 3 months ago
.gitignore Audit ale settings and cleanup 6 months ago
.ideavimrc I use ZSH now, ZSH is cool 8 months ago
.iex.exs homeshick migration 3 years ago
.markdownlintrc Update my markdown style to match my use 5 months ago
.pylintrc Give sublime it's own python install for lints 2 years ago
.rgignore Add more vim files, start an rgignore 2 years ago
.rubocop.yml Empty old global rubocop & add gitcleandir 2 years ago
.tmux.conf Explicit new window directory as well 6 months ago
.zshenv Clean up init 2 months ago
.zshrc Drop Vagrant 1 month ago