A mirror of my dotfiles on github
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D.O.S. dotfiles

Yet Another Dotfiles Repo.

This uses homeshick.

I mostly work on macOS but I try to keep this workable on my FreeBSD machines, so there may be some splits

Overall I am trying not to have too bespoke of a setup but there is a lot of initialization and configuration for access to dev tooling



Start by installing homebrew then curlbash the inti-macos.sh script!



I try to keep my shell config sparse and rely on a lot of small commands installed in ~/bin This is slightly less efficient but more extensible

I also use FZF to get around a lot since I miss fish's completion


I use a Brewfile to manage my packages and keep it consistent on macOS Instead of running brew upgrade manually I run my pour function which does a lot of dep work.


  • I have it set up so that you can navigate through tmux and vim seamlessly using C-hjlk
  • I use tmux plug-ins use ^a-I to install


  • I recommend using the riseup.net setup, but last I checked it's a bit out of date.
  • Mine is a ported version of this, I use gpg in a lot of places so I need the agent to work in CLI & gui


  • The global gitignore is mac/python/ruby/chef/go/ect oriented
  • The main config is set up with lots of alias & uses gpg signing by default


I included my ssh config because I think it can be useful to others.

The keys directory setup means for every host or set of hosts I log into I generate a different key! This means loosing a single key to a single system is not a large swath of revokes. However regenerating all the keys for a yearly rotation or new machine is slightly annoying so I have a fish function called keygen which makes this easier.


I use direnv frequently I have a few standard functions I use to help me out.


Uses asdf-vm to manage most of my language versions since I am quite polyglot. I have a global .tool-versions but generally don't store that in dotfiles as pour manages it. There is also a lot of .default packages to keep support open