898 Commits (main)

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  Amelia A 66828d0ad7
pull in fzf directly, no need for the extra include 20 hours ago
  Amelia A 6f6a9ba76d
Drop History search, fix fzf 21 hours ago
  Amelia A 4fc535451d
Add zsh substring history search, emacs keybindings, and organize zsh 21 hours ago
  Amelia A 0070d39b5b
Add FZF and optimize a little 1 day ago
  Amelia A 37e0cd7598
Cleanup & organize configs a little more 1 day ago
  Amelia A eceaa8c587
no more hash 2 days ago
  Amelia A f0475f756b
Ensure /usr/local/bin is always in path 2 days ago
  Amelia A 19c0990651
I lied 2 days ago
  Amelia A 6b19b772be
final fix 2 days ago
  Amelia A 4e2f1ed55e
fix up symlinks 2 days ago
  Amelia A dac6cad6fa
prompt tweaks closer to old fish 2 days ago
  Amelia A c83c6b1f10
use homeshick for managing the gitprompt 2 days ago
  Amelia A e6b1eaa9bf
Fix up hostname 2 days ago
  Amelia A c067ee0785
Auto fix missing repo 2 days ago
  Amelia A 3bc5af26a9
I don't use nvim anymore though 2 days ago
  Amelia A 064f7d3698
I use ZSH now, ZSH is cool 2 days ago
  Amelia A 824d980ff9
disable first-line-h1, use alias for readability 1 week ago
  Amelia A 121bd70043
Add subl-review I leanred from dallas 2 weeks ago
  Amelia A 3f3727d5a6
Remove old git completions 3 weeks ago
  Amelia A 7c9aac10e1
Standardize my markdown checks 3 weeks ago
  Amelia A 699e0014a1
Update deprecation and problematic commands 1 month ago
  Amelia A 1db3e98f8b
Not needed anymore, use .vimrc.local and `use vim` instead 1 month ago
  Amelia A 90cd11093e
Cleaning up unused tools 1 month ago
  Amelia A 7dc0a70a2b
Bring the project files 1 month ago
  Amelia A 7499049c92
Bring back ponies 1 month ago
  Amelia A 84fab3b0d2
No more forced updates 1 month ago
  Amelia A fa60555f39
Installed by docker-app 1 month ago
  Amelia A f1e6786e7c
Clear annoying to install casks 1 month ago
  Amelia A 61b696b601
wrong space 1 month ago
  Amelia A 8d6f784231
Add an init script 1 month ago
  Amelia A f21d7be712
Replace logtodayone.rb with my own golang version 1 month ago
  Amelia A 64d49635a1
Add my own modified version of BT's log to day one. 1 month ago
  Amelia A 6b4a587416
Update file paths 2 months ago
  Amelia A 05244fafcb
Add dog 2 months ago
  Amelia A f35ab2e95d
brew bundle add 3 months ago
  Amelia A 395894123e
Needed for Hazel rules decrypting things 3 months ago
  Amelia A 35bcd5a287
Don't set quality on PNG, no advantage 3 months ago
  Amelia A 60432cb483
tweaks and bugfixes 3 months ago
  Amelia A e65bf07bdd
Add a PDF splitter too! 3 months ago
  Amelia A 3ce4b5a924
Remember how fish works 3 months ago
  Amelia A c53b86a62c
Add my new BuJou page adder 3 months ago
  Amelia A 5592949e59
gh is now in homebrew w/o tap 4 months ago
  Amelia A fc68191859
Minor tweaks to brew 4 months ago
  Amelia A d00b8a3226
reorder file 4 months ago
  Amelia A b1c06b729b
Trim up neovim config a little 5 months ago
  Amelia A 8a451c724c
Drop tool versions from version control 5 months ago
  Amelia A 4ff73cfcdf
No more tea, but main default branch 5 months ago
  Amelia A 796ae122cf
Clean up gitconfig & add go.mod private repo fix 6 months ago
  Amelia A 6507ad8244
Add some pulling 6 months ago
  Amelia A cc86ad5945
Update mah version 6 months ago