A mirror of my dotfiles on github
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D.O.S. dotfiles

Yet Another Dotfiles Repo.


I’ve switched to using homeshick.

I use the shell version over the ruby version because less ruby reliance and also I like the way it links better.

I mostly work on macOS but I try to keep this workable on my FreeBSD machines, so there may be some splits



Even thought fish is great out of box I set up a lot of various path and environment changes. I break out everything into a config.d which isn’t necessarily efficent but makes my config feel less monolithic

I try to avoid universal variables and go for setting things in the config.fish since I want this to be portable amongst all my machines.

Check out the immense amount of functions

I replace a lot of commands and scripts with functions. I use this instead of making little shell apps for all my various helper scripts.


  • I use neovim instead of vim
  • The configuration is stripped down to just what I like, but still far from vanilla
  • there is a LOT of language plugins since I write in far too many languages
  • I use vim-plug currently to manage plugins
  • There is a few functions at the end for cleaning things up


  • live by tmux
  • die by tmux
  • I have it set up so that you can navigate through tmux and vim seamlessly using C-hjlk
  • Instead of a powerline I use tmux plugins use ^a-I to install


  • I recommend using the riseup.net setup, but last I checked it’s a bit out of date.
  • Mine is a ported version of this, I use gpg in a lot of places so I need the agent to work in CLI & gui


  • The global gitignore is mac/python/ruby/chef/go/ect oriented
  • The main config is set up with lots of alias & uses gpg signing by default


I included my ssh_config because I think it can be useful to others. I have ssh fairly locked down.

The keys directory setup means for every host or set of hosts I log into I generate a different key! This means loosing a single key to a single system is not a hige swatch of revokes. However regenning all the keys for a yearly rotation or new machine is slightly annoying so I have a fish function called keygen which makes this easier.


I use direnv.net everywhere. I have a few standard functions I use to help me out. Most of it around chef and ruby-install


Rust is one of the few things not set up by the cookbook. Instead I have a fish function called init_rust which installs & sets up rust